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Security solution with IT-first approach for UWV

The Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) is responsible for the national implementation of employee insurance, such as WW, WIA, WAO, WAZ, Wazo, and the Sickness Benefits Act. In addition, they offer labor market and data services. To continue their services safely and efficiently, especially with the increase in flexible working arrangements, Nsecure and YIM have migrated all offices to a central environment for access and security.

Security as a Service

In 2018, UWV issued a tender for an integrated security solution for all locations. Cedric van Riemsdijk, Lead: IT Business Development at Nsecure, stated: “This process was approached from an IT-first perspective. IT-first means that, as specialists, we consider the IT and technical aspects integrally and prioritize our client’s interests. We build the IT landscape based on functionality, security, and privacy and select the hardware that aligns with this.”

From decentralized systems to one integrated solution

UWV was dealing with a process fragmented across many access control systems. Each location used a stand-alone solution. The technical security portfolio holder at UWV stated: “Previously when an employee wanted to visit a different location, they had to request authorization for their new location and/or request a visitor’s pass at the reception to access the location. This prevented UWV employees from freely moving between different office locations.”


Additionally, UWV changed its approach to location-independent work. Employees no longer need to travel to Amsterdam if they reside in Alkmaar. Working at a location close to home should be easier and encouraged. Therefore, working with a central access control system was necessary.


Security, Facility, and IT: inseparable from each other

UWV was looking for a solution that would centralize, modernize, and link the entire process around access control to the HRM system. And it all had to function seamlessly from the Cloud. The senior project leader at UWV said: “Everything is done in the Cloud nowadays, the world is moving towards it, and for us, this was also a conscious step towards the future. We were looking for an IT-driven solution for our access and security. The interesting thing was that, at a certain point, there was a discussion about whether the Nsecure project cut across the IT or facility areas. Our experience now teaches us that security, facility, and IT form a triangle that only strengthens and complements each other.”

The art of control for UWV

Nsecure and UWV have collaborated on a fast, proactive, and integrated approach, with Nsecure providing tailored advice based on their knowledge and experience. A senior project leader at UWV stated they were looking for a long-term partner with high-level access control and security expertise, which they found in Nsecure. The collaboration resulted in great outcomes that they achieved together.


Over two years, Nsecure integrated all the systems from different locations, each with its own standalone system, into a single overarching system managed in the Nsecure Cloud. This integrated solution established a central security, facility, and safety landscape. Employees can now move freely and flexibly between different locations. There is now a central point for insight into the rights of employees and/or visitors, resulting in a smoother flow and less workload for the reception staff.


The total solution contributes to the following:

  • A manageable security environment from the Cloud with a higher level of safety
  • A security policy that fits UWV’s future and hybrid work
  • Central and easy management of employee access
  • Time savings for reception staff due to fewer ad-hoc requests for authorizations and access


If you want to learn more about access control or other security solutions, YIM’s specialists are happy to help.