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Contractor management software

Contractor management ensures that an organisation has an overview of its contractors. Regulatory compliance is a top priority, especially when working with a growing number of (sub)contractors.

What is contractor management?

Contractor management entails managing contractors, subcontractors and the work they perform. It involves contracts, other paperwork, access rights, and laws and regulations.

Important aspects of contractor management:

  • Contracts
  • Other documentation required for the work in question
  • Training or e-learning (e.g., for safe handling of machinery)
  • Laws and regulations applicable to the contractors’ work

Furthermore, it is important to keep track of the access rights of each contractor. When working with multiple contractors and subcontractors, keeping an overview of the entire worksite is essential.


Contractor management software

Contractor management software is specifically designed for tracking and controlling outsourced work. This type of software ensures that the processes linked to outsourced work run smoothly and clearly as all information comes together in a digital environment.

With contractor management software, the organisation saves a lot of time by digitising manual processes. It also ensures safety and compliance with laws and regulations.


The YIM platform for contractor management

Manage all information regarding contractors in one place with YIM. The platform uses specially developed software that gathers all contractor data, giving the organisation a complete overview. In this way, YIM functions as contractor management software.

Instantly see which contractors are working where, what work they are performing, what documentation they need, and which subcontractors they employ. In addition, YIM indicates which contractor has accreditation for access to a site.

Using YIM for contractor management saves the organisation time without compromising on areas such as safety and hospitality. Several users have already experienced this positively.

Sitech Services uses an identity solution from YIM in their Chemelot site. Among other things, this solution digitised contractor management and manages access processes. Sitech Services works with up to 2,000 contractors on this site.



YIM Contractors

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