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Manage identity, requirements, and access in one place

  • Choose which module(s) you need: employees, contractors, and visitors
  • Opt for extra functionality with e-learning, dashboards, card management, or interfaces
  • Integrate with access control, HR, or ERP systems


Create user roles with different levels for contractors, employees, and visitors.


Store all necessary documents, certifications, and permits in one place.


Grant (or revoke) access based on role and compliance with requirements.

A tailor-made approach for everyone who enters the workplace.

1 Identity

2 Requirements

3 Access


The YIM environment has various add-ons to enhance your management system. Check which add-on can improve your experience.

YIM increases safety in the workplace and employee engagement. How? YIM offers the possibility to follow instructions, complete training, and take an exam(s) as part of the workflow online. A combination of online and on-site is also possible.


YIM allows visitors, contractors, and employees to follow training or instructions as part of the workflow. Taking exams can also be integrated into the workflow.

Through innovative learning methods and a realistic ‘Experience Center’, participants go through various components that are linked to a personal file.


Access control
Single sign-on
Single sign-on
Single sign-on
Single sign-on
Security management

Need to integrate with other system or software? YIM easily integrates with other APIs. Contact us to explore the possibilities.


YIM adheres to the strictest privacy requirements to ensure personal data is securely and properly processed.

Privacy is a core element within the YIM platform. From the design phase and throughout the entire cycle, personal data protection is an absolute requirement. All personal data processed on the YIM platform is securely stored and destroyed after a fixed retention period.

YIM has its own CIPP/E and CISM-certified Privacy Officer involved in every implementation. During the development process, YIM ensures that privacy risks are minimized.


YIM meets strict IT security requirements. The service is offered by a certified data center. We ensure the highest standard of IT security so organizations don’t have to worry about IT infrastructure.

The database and communication are encrypted, and YIM monitors the application 24/7. In addition, our periodic penetration testing (Pentesting) and security updates ensure that security is maintained. This ensures that all data from the digital file, with only relevant information, is stored in a secure environment.