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Deep dive into the knowledge and experience of YIM

Check out our documentation and frequently asked questions (FAQ) or learn more through one of our whitepapers on safety, location management, e-learning, and more.



What is YIM?

YIM stands for Your Identity Management: a platform that takes care of visitor registration, visitor management, contractor management, and identity management.

The desires and needs of organizations, administrators, and end-users have been translated into an optimal workflow & identity management platform. Ready for now and the future. With add-ons focused on E-learning, Dashboards, and Interfaces.

What are the functionalities of YIM?

YIM: To efficiently register visitors, contractors, and suppliers, provide them with welcoming access, ensure safe work practices, and optimize business processes. The user-friendly platform includes various modules to prevent any surprises.


YIM Visitors: This module ensures that your visitors are easily registered and warmly received.


YIM Contractors: To easily and quickly register all your contractors, provide them with hospitable access, ensure safe work practices, and continue your business processes.


YIM Employees: Clear and concise roles, requirements, and access rights for all your employees.

How do I get started with YIM?

We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in YIM. Schedule a demo or get in touch through our contact page. The YIM team is happy to assist you. Discuss your requirements or queries through WhatsApp, phone, or email.

Who can derive value from YIM?

YIM is familiar with a wide range of sectors, each with its specific challenges, regulations, and requirements regarding visitor registration, contractor management, and identity management.

YIM helps organizations that value:

  • Optimal hospitality and safety for visitors, employees, and contractors throughout the process. This includes managing appointments, parking, facilities, and departures (visitor management, self-service, authorization).
  • Avoiding long wait times and complicated procedures when granting access to people to your building or site.
  • Only allowing appropriately qualified individuals access to your building or site.
  • Quickly verifying persons and vehicles entering your locations to ensure safety and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.Automatically and demonstrably complying with current labor migration, taxation, social security, and illegality laws and regulations.

Does your company view one or more of these points as important?

Then YIM adds value for you. Curious about the areas where YIM can help you? Contact us.

How is my privacy guaranteed?

YIM applies privacy by design. Protecting personal data has been included as a core element of the design phase of YIM.

YIM has a CIPP/E and CISM-certified Privacy Officer. In addition, all data from the personal digital files with all relevant data, documents, and certificates are offered from an ISO 27001-certified data center. Both the data and communication are encrypted and monitored 24/7.

How is YIM implemented?

Are you wondering how we go about working when you choose us – Your Identity Management (YIM)? A proven approach is applied for the implementation of YIM, and you are actively involved in all phases.


Together with YIM, we aim for the best result.

In which industries does YIM specialize?

YIM has over 25 years of experience in visitor and access registration, contractor management, visitor management, security, and identity management, all combined in its platform. YIM is familiar with a large number of sectors, each with its specific challenges, regulations, and wishes.

  • Business services
  • Industry, construction & offshore
  • Governments, education, and recreation
  • Hospitals and healthcare institutions
What integration options does YIM offer?

YIM is built on Microsoft Azure and is fully API-based, making it seamlessly integrate with other security, access, HR, or ERP systems. YIM has been developed as a platform and offers standalone solutions. Let’s connect! You can find an overview here.