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Innovative and customized access control for Allseas

A unified solution for the daily access management of the many employees, visitors, and contractors involved in complex and technological offshore projects.

Allseas also sought a smart solution for access control and flexible contractor management on the world’s largest work vessel.

Safe working through smart integration

Allseas is an international player in large, complex, technological offshore projects. For both their office in Delft and the new site in Heiningen, a unified solution was needed for the daily access management of the many employees, visitors, and contractors, with a standardized rollout to multiple European locations.

The then-current access control system in Delft became outdated and no longer suitable for use at the new site in Heiningen, where up to a hundred contractors were working per day.

Various requirements arose in their search for a system to deliver on their access control policy. Requirements added included linking the access system to the ERP system. Others included the quick registration of (sub) with clarity on whether they possess the correct certifications to carry out work. Allseas also wanted to roll out the same access control system to their Netherlands, Switzerland, and Belgium locations.

Security partner for the long term


Arjen van den Brink, Vessel Coordinator at Allseas, said: “Our systems no longer matched our needs, and new functionalities were needed, especially given the ever-changing laws and regulations. In addition to replacement, there is also a need for integration and synergy between systems and procedures for both onshore and offshore locations. The solution must be flexible, uniform, and future-proof. Additionally, we are looking for a partner who is an expert in their field and can provide security support for the coming years.” Nsecure was one of the companies invited to propose a solution for this complex challenge.

Solid foundation for the future

Based on technical knowledge, work methodology, and experience, YIM was chosen as the solution for Allseas. YIM presented a solid foundation to Allseas with its access control solution “AEOS” and its workflow and identity service “Dataclient,” which focuses on the sign-in and accreditation process for contractors and visitors. The solution meets all the requirements, including linking to Allseas’ ERP system for time registration. This chosen solution has since proven its added value and has been rolled out to all their locations.

Results at a glance

  • A solid foundation that fits with Allseas’ future outlook and requirements for uniformity, safety, and laws and regulations
  • Registrations, authorizations, and accreditations are faster and more secure
  • Integration of systems and protocols reduces the number of error messages and time spent on system operations

Largest work ship in the world

In addition to providing a solid foundation for Allseas’ locations, Nsecure was asked to think about a flexible solution for the Pioneering Spirit, the largest work ship in the world owned by Allseas. The Pioneering Spirit is 382 meters long and 124 meters wide, comparable to eight soccer fields. This ship is used worldwide to install and remove oil and gas platforms and lay pipelines.


When the ship docks in a port for maintenance or project preparation work, many people must board and disembark over a very short period to perform different work. It is vital to control these access flows.

Plug & play contractor management housed in ocean freight containers


Previously, Allseas used various temporary rental solutions for granting access to contractors. Nsecure advised Allseas to use an in-house plug-and-play system housed in two sea freight containers. This solution is designed to provide 24/7 global access via the same access control system (AEOS). Both sea containers are equipped with turnstiles, and one has a security lodge with a passport scanner. These sea freight containers are custom-made for Allseas, especially for this project. The container design also catered to specific wishes, such as air conditioning and operable lighting over and above the technical requirements.

“This flexible plug-and-play installation is praised in the industry during revisions and shutdowns. The solution for Allseas has been used multiple times and ensured a fast and controlled registration of all contractors and employees. Nsecure’s solution has proven its worth and contributes to the fast and efficient regulation of visitor flows through its flexibility,” says Arjen van den Brink.