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NAM and YIM create more safety through unique e-learning

The best way to better understand safety rules is to experience them in an interactive and accessible way.

Groningen’s safety training and experience center builds on the successful Shell Pernis Safety Center, which we co-developed.

The Shell Pernis Safety Center was the world’s first safety center when it opened in 2014, leading to a global trend within the industry. In 2019, the center was revamped to add an experience center and a completely new e-learning platform. Since then, more than 60,000 Shell employees and contractors have completed mandatory safety training at the center. The center has measurably increased safety awareness and improved overall safety.


YIM played a crucial role in creating the software for both workflow and identity management, as well as e-learning, which significantly contributed to the Shell Safety Center. Thanks to our deep knowledge of access and safety, we ensured that these two worlds complement each other rather than hinder each other. Our secret? A seamless integration between registration, personal digital files, e-learning, and the underlying physical access control system.


The Shell Pernis Safety Center formed the basis for the idea behind the NAM (Dutch Oil Company) Safety Center, which opened on October 1, 2020, and YIM applied all registration, enrollment, and e-learning software.

Not dry theory but real-life situations

Shell and NAM operate in the petrochemical industry and face the same safety risks. Moreover, Shell is the half-owner of NAM. Therefore, the NAM Safety Center in the middle of the Groningen gas extraction area is identical to the safety training and experience center of Shell Pernis, but with a NAM branding. Why change a winning formula?


The basic idea behind the NAM Safety Center with experience center is simple: using lifelike situations and playful learning methods, the theory and practice training stick better than the dry and labor-intensive safety training that was previously given. Moreover, the training is tailored to people’s job functions: a ground worker learns different safety aspects than an electrician.

Accreditation through 6 simple steps

Employees and contractors follow these steps when taking their safety training at the NAM Safety Center:

  1. Contractors register in advance.
  2. Based on their job function and activities, employees and contractors take a specific e-learning course via tablet, phone, or computer.
  3. After completing the online e-learning, they take an exam at NAM.
  4. The route through the NAM Safety Center is navigated using a QR code.
  5. Participants (individually or in groups) go through a number of safety scenarios depending on their job function and activities.
  6. Once they pass the exam and complete the scenarios, a contractor or employee can demonstrate awareness of all risks and will be granted access to the relevant work location.

Meanwhile, NAM has extensive insights into the training provided by various reports and a dashboard.

In the digital solutions for registration, access control, and e-learning for the Safety Centers of NAM and Shell, we have integrated our 25 years of knowledge and expertise in access, security, software platforms, and IT development. Combined with our integrated approach, we could add value to every step of the chain.


Through our workflow and identity management platforms, Dataclient and YIM, we have created the right balance between access control, security, and hospitality for NAM and Shell. The e-learning module of YIM helps companies to increase their knowledge level, create a safety culture, and thus create an incident-free working environment. With the e-learning platform, NAM and Shell can apply new technologies, developments, and interfaces, allowing us to provide continuity and continuously take extra steps in the safety field.

From e-learning to integrated security management

Safety experience training provides the most added value for high-risk companies. Because our e-learning platform is modular, it is interesting for many organizations, from SMEs to multinationals and from financial to facility. We can, for example, offer basic training for everyone, specific training for visitors, or remote instruction. In addition, customized solutions are possible, such as continuous e-learning, gamification, and a complete (online) safety training center.


We often implement workflow and identity management digital solutions together for companies. This limits their risks and improves their access, security processes, and compliance, allowing us to achieve a higher level of safety together.

Are you curious about how Security as a Service from YIM provides next-level safety within your organization? Feel free to contact us for an obligation-free conversation.