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Shell and YIM aim for an incident-free environment

Following in the footsteps of Shell Pernis, Shell Moerdijk has now also transformed its own Safety Center into an Experience Center. The existing center has undergone a metamorphosis with innovative learning methods and more authentic reality simulations.

YIM significantly contributes to the achievement of ‘Goal Zero’: an incident-free environment in which controlled access based on the right qualifications is an essential factor.

Safety is a top priority

Safety is an essential prerequisite at Shell Moerdijk: you work here safely, or you don’t work here at all. The new safety center was established through collaboration with contractors working on the Shell Moerdijk site daily. The mandatory safety training for anyone working on the Shell Moerdijk site is now top-notch in terms of safety. Similar steps had already been taken at Shell Pernis in 2019.


Specific training courses are developed for Shell locations, tailored to Shell employees and contractors’ different functions and roles. E-learning is available via a tablet, phone, or computer, making learning easier and more enjoyable for the trainees.

An incident-free environment through identity management

YIM contributes significantly to this environment with its identity management platform that combines more than 27 years of knowledge and expertise in safety and IT. The platform not only provides the perfect balance between access control and safety but also ensures that all activities comply with laws and regulations.

Risks are mitigated

When contractors or suppliers enter a site or business location(s), specific information is requested based on their nationality and type of work performed. This may include documents and certificates related to legal employment or safety (VCA). All required documents and certificates are stored in a digital file. In addition, expiry dates are monitored by the system, and automated notifications are sent to ensure that files are kept up-to-date and remain valid for the next work visit.

In this way, organizations mitigate the risks related to safety, illegality, labor law, or tax law compliance.

The e-learning module helps increase the knowledge level of employees and contractors, create a safety culture, and thus create an incident-free working environment.

Embark on a 5-step journey at the Shell Experience Center

The basic idea behind the Shell Experience Center is simple. Due to the realistic situations and playful learning, theory and practical training stick much better than the “dry” and labor-intensive safety training used before. Employees and contractors go through the following steps during safety training:


  1. Participants register in advance.
  2. Based on their job and activities, they follow a specific e-learning course via tablet, phone, or computer.
  3. Depending on their job and activities, participants (individually or in groups) use a personal QR code to navigate through a number of safety scenarios in the Shell Experience Center.
  4. After completing the online e-learning and the Experience Center, the participant takes the exam on-site using a tablet.
  5. Once they had passed the exam and experienced the scenarios, the participants completed the training. The safety training results are easy to supply and validate as legislation requires. The results are linked to personal files, and access passes to grant access to specific work locations.

The result? Controlled access for people based on the right qualifications. When the validity of the training expires, participants automatically receive a notification to retake the exam.

The new Experience Center was officially opened on Friday, February 18, 2022, by Robin Mooldijk, Executive Vice President of Chemicals & Products of Shell.

Would you like to know more about increasing safety awareness and how a total Safety Experience contributes to an incident-free environment? YIM would be happy to tell you more about the possibilities. Feel free to contact us.