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Revolutionary identity & access management

YIM’s identity management platform was successfully implemented at TEAM Terminal, one of the largest oil handling and storage companies in the Rotterdam Europoort area.

From now on, the entire access granting process for visitors, employees, and contractors will be handled through YIM. The platform is a development of Dataclient, a workflow identity management solution from Nsecure since 2008, enabling organizations to digitize their access processes.

Complex access procedures simplified


Over 35 million cubic meters of crude oil is processed annually, a quarter of the total throughput in the entire Europoort area. The oil is stored in 33 tanks, with a combined storage capacity of 2.754.900 cubic meters, and pumped through pipelines to various domestic and foreign customers. Around 300 tankers dock each year.

In TEAM Terminal’s extensive operational processes, access, compliance, and safety play an essential role. “Our YIM platform ensures that complex access and safety procedures are made simple. YIM streamlines the registration and accreditation of visitors, employees, and contractors, thereby ensuring safety and compliance with regulations in the access processes and embedded in the day-to-day operations of TEAM Terminal,” said Alex Smaling, Business Manager of IT & Identity at YIM.

Safety first with YIM


During the development phase, the YIM platform was continuously tested by end-users against objectives related to speed, user-friendliness, and compliance with regulations. After extensive testing, the platform was adopted fully with great success. “We are very pleased with the user-friendliness and look and feel of YIM,” said Irene Kolditz, Facility & Security Coordinator at TEAM Terminal.


“It is essential for us that a partner can understand our daily processes and strict safety protocols and knows our premises well. The YIM platform caters to all these requirements. Access to our location is now digital via YIM. Even when external contractors need to perform work on-site, specific information is requested depending on their nationality and type of work. All documents and certificates are stored in a digital file. In this way, we mitigate risks related to safety, illegality, labor law, and taxation,” said Kolditz.

Demonstrably compliant with regulations

Smaling: “With YIM, we ensure that organizations are fully compliant and continuously have insight into their safety and access processes. The necessary accreditation and compliance go far beyond mere access control. The challenge lies in embedding regulations into security systems and correctly processing personal data, documents, and safety procedures that apply to an extensive area like TEAM Terminal. All these aspects are included in YIM, in a user-friendly manner and with a real-time connection to the access control system.

YIM works for clients in various sectors, from petrochemicals to financial service providers, each with specific challenges and regulations. We have considered the diverse experiences and needs of specialists and end-users in the development of YIM. Our IT architecture allows us to integrate with other security, ERP, and HR systems. This enables companies to optimally manage and fully automate business processes now and in the future. For organizations where work safety is a top priority, YIM offers the possibility of qualifying individuals for specific work activities. It is also possible to increase and keep workplace safety up to date with extensive e-learning modules.