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Visitor management software

Visitor management ensures a smooth process for the coming and going of visitors.

What is visitor management?

Visitor management ensures a smooth process for the coming and going of visitors. This means that visitors receive a warm welcome, the registration process takes little time, and visitors get to the right place easily.

Visitor management arranges identification, registration, and access for visitors. Different types of visitors require different approaches. A person may need to go through an online (security) training course to enter a particular location safely. Knowing where a visitor is can also be part of visitor and safety management.

Visitor management software

Visitor management software is used to register visitors and organise information regarding them. The software streamlines the reception and registration process.

Visitor management is different for each organisation. In one case, security and following rules are the top priority, while in another situation more emphasis is put on hospitality.


Virtual reception

Using visitor management software creates a virtual reception (i.e., a digital reception). This involves a digital environment where visitors can go to confirm an appointment, request an access pass, and provide data about themselves.

A digital reception is useful for both the visitor and the organisation as information can be clarified prior to the visit, which reduces the duration of the access process.


How YIM: Visitor Management works

The YIM platform is a software system that can also be used as visitor management software. Visitors are registered by internal staff and assigned a role within YIM. They can easily provide the required data in advance and attend any necessary (safety) training. In this way, YIM acts as a virtual reception desk.


YIM Visitors

Want to set up a digital reception with YIM? Check out the Visitor module for more information on Visitor management here.


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