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Location management is becoming increasingly complex

  • A constantly growing number of (sub)contractors and (external) employees
  • More laws and regulations
  • It is becoming more difficult for organizations to maintain an overview

Current systems are not designed for this complex situation

This leads to unpleasant surprises

Compliance risico’s

Lack of compliance

when the company needs to keep an overview of more and more (external) employees, rules, and documentation.

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Security issues

when unauthorized persons can gain access without access rights.

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Safety risks

when people enter places without the right training, education, or qualifications.

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Loss of efficiency

when the right people do not have access, resulting in time loss.


Reduced user experience

when the access process does not run smoothly or takes a long time.

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Additional operational costs

when access is managed manually and, therefore, less efficiently.

Why YIM is more than a standalone solution

1 Stand alone



Stand alone

Physical access management where access is manually granted to each individual.


Physical access management where access is automatically granted based on identity.


Physical access management where access is automatically granted based on requirements and identity.

Location management without surprises

Group 369


YIM ensures that only approved and qualified persons are working on location.

Group 365


YIM keeps unauthorized persons and vehicles out and indicates who has access where.

Group 372


YIM ensures that everyone has the right access rights, preventing waiting times and extra costs.



YIM ensures that the organization and all labor comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Group 370


YIM provides insight and an overview of where employees, contractors, and visitors are at any given time.

Group 367


YIM guarantees a user-friendly experience for employees, contractors, and visitors throughout the entire process.