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Workplace management

Workplace management is the organisation of work, facilities and activities to meet the needs of employees.

Keeping an overview of a growing workforce

Workplace management has always been important for the efficiency and productivity of a company. With an increasing number of (international) employees, it’s even more of a priority.

Workplace management includes the following tasks:

  • Scheduling staff efficiently
  • Allocating the necessary staff to the correct location
  • Ensuring employees have the right documentation and training
  • Managing which tools, machines or facilities employees need
  • Keeping an overview of each staff member’s access rights

There are many different components involved in workplace management. An ever-growing number of employees can therefore create a complex situation.

An overview of this complex situation ensures an organisation can operate effectively and safely. Specific software systems help to maintain this overview.

Integrated workplace management system

An integrated workplace management system (IWMS) is software specifically developed for workplace management. It creates a digital overview that is for workplace management. Bringing information together digitally facilitates work scheduling and creates synchronised workflows. When all data comes together in one dashboard, it’s easier to control.

Effective workplace management is essential for the success of any organisation. It requires strong leadership, clear communication and the deployment of the right tools and systems to create a positive, inclusive and efficient working environment.

The YIM platform: efficient, secure and well organised

YIM is a multifunctional software system. The platform also offers support as an integrated workplace management system. YIM ensures that the processes linked to workplace management run (more) smoothly.

The benefits of YIM in terms of workplace management include the following:

  • Efficient workflow
  • Complete overview
  • Time efficiencies
  • Lower operational costs
  • Better organisation of resources


YIM’s integrated workplace management system (IWMS) keeps track of everything so that the management team or other responsible parties can organise work properly and have a complete overview via an easy-to-use dashboard. With YIM, safety, compliance and hospitality are at the forefront of workplace management.

YIM Employees

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