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Core Values YIM

In a world full of unpredictability, YIM provides certainty in corporate security.

Whether you are an organisation, an employee, a visitor or a contractor, with YIM, you are assured of the highest level of safety as well as an optimal and efficient process.

Work safely and under the right conditions

YIM ensures that no step in contractor management is skipped. As a result, business processes run safely and efficiently. When contractors perform work or suppliers enter your site(s), specific information is requested depending on the nationality and type of work. For example, documents and certificates relating to legal employment, safety (SCC) or a certificate of good conduct (CGC).

24/7 in control

Always an oversight of the flow of employees, visitors and contractors

24/7 up to date

Always the right information at hand for each department

24/7 compliant

Always compliant with laws and regulations for everyone on the premises

That is what we stand for

Our experts are committed every day to ensuring that your organisation meets the highest standards of security, control and compliance. YIM is your trusted partner, always focused on minimising risk and promoting a safe working environment.

Unconditional control

With our platform, you always have visibility on the comings and goings of employees, visitors and contractors. Thanks to pre-registration in our platform, the possibility of submitting required documents and certifications in advance and taking any online training courses, you have 24/7 access to all crucial information relating to persons on site.

With YIM, you know exactly who is there, where they are and that they comply with all set guidelines. All of this occurs without delaying or slowing down business processes.

With the strong combination of Identity, Requirements and Access, YIM ensures unconditional control. You can fully rely on the integrity of your corporate security. Unconditional control is no longer an aspiration but a reality with YIM.

Multidisciplinary solution

Our solution goes beyond ensuring a safe and controlled working environment. YIM ensures an efficient, manageable working environment that complies with all laws and regulations while minimising the risk of human error.

Our platform provides an integrated solution that can demand requirements from any department within your organisation. Whether it is safety, legal, HR or security, YIM provides real-time information needed on employees, visitors and contractors.

Thanks to YIM, every department has insight and an overview. This means that you always have the right information at hand, regardless of your role. YIM brings all aspects of access control and identity together into one platform, making your multidisciplinary solution a reality.


Cornerstone of the operation

Our platform ensures that your business can run with the confidence that everyone on site is actually supposed to be there and has the right authorizations. YIM takes this worry away and weaves in access control as a seamless part of your daily operations.

Because YIM operates continuously, you have the assurance that your organisation is always secure and compliant. And that gives you the freedom to focus on what matters—running your business.


YIM ensures that only approved and qualified persons are working on location.


YIM keeps unauthorised persons and vehicles out and indicates who has access where.


YIM ensures that everyone has the right access rights, preventing waiting times and extra costs.


YIM ensures that the organisation and all labour comply with applicable laws and regulations.


YIM provides insight and an overview of where employees, contractors, and visitors are at any given time.


YIM guarantees a user-friendly experience for employees, contractors, and visitors throughout the entire process.