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YIM Token Management

At YIM, we understand the importance of security and efficiency in workplaces. That is why we offer an advanced Token Management Module that makes managing access tokens easier than ever.

Token management

Our YIM Token Management Module provides a centralised overview and insight into the token request process. By tokens we mean, access passes possibly with passport photo printing, QR codes, and mobile phone credentials.

This means you can track and manage the status of each request at any time. The result is a streamlined process that significantly reduces the time it takes to request new access tokens for employees.

Always an overview

Token management not only offers efficiency and time savings. Moving to our digital solution eliminates the need for costly in-house printing solutions. This leads to significant cost savings for your organisation. In addition, at YIM, we have your team’s service load in mind. By digitising and automating the token request and production process, we significantly lighten the workload for your service desk.


Integrate with access control and security systems

And let’s not forget integration with your existing systems. Our YIM Token Management Module can automatically process new tokens in your access control or security system after activation in YIM. This means fewer manual tasks and less chance of errors.

In short, the YIM Token Management Module offers you a reliable and efficient solution for all your token management needs. Better control, less cost, and more time for what really matters – your business.

User-friendly and nice look and feel

“We really like the user-friendliness and look and feel of YIM. It is important for us that a partner can relate well to our daily processes and knows strict safety protocols and our premises.”


The YIM environment has various add-ons to enhance your management system. Check which add-on can improve your experience.

YIM increases safety in the workplace and employee engagement. How? YIM offers the possibility to follow instructions, complete training, and take an exam(s) as part of the workflow online. A combination of online and on-site is also possible.


YIM allows visitors, contractors, and employees to follow training or instructions as part of the workflow. Taking exams can also be integrated into the workflow.

Through innovative learning methods and a realistic ‘Experience Center’, participants go through various components that are linked to a personal file.