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YIM Contractor Management

Manage roles, requirements, and access for contractors – and let them manage employees and (sub)contractors themselves.

Contractor management

Manage all information regarding contractors in one place with YIM. The platform uses specially developed software that gathers all information on contractors, giving the organisation a complete overview. All departments and documents are collected in the YIM platform to ensure secure, efficient and compliant contractor management.

Instantly see which contractors are working where, what work they are performing, what documentation they need, and which subcontractors they employ. Everything is neatly organised in the YIM digital platform. YIM allows for e-learning and a digital file for the individual, departments and organisations.


Registration portal (sub)contractors

Via YIM, access requests for contractors, suppliers and subcontractors are submitted in advance. This avoids complicated access procedures, time-consuming reporting and long waiting times for access or the start of work.


Digital file

Documents such as certification, legal employment, VCAs and VOGs are stored in a personal digital file. YIM monitors expiry dates and sends notifications when updates are needed.


up-to-date overview

YIM provides continuous insight into identity, access rights and compliance of (sub)contractors at your sites. Risks regarding safety, illegality, labour law or tax compliance are thus prevented.

User-friendly and nice look and feel

“We really like the user-friendliness and look and feel of YIM. It is important for us that a partner can relate well to our daily processes and knows strict safety protocols and our premises.”

Contractor management software

Contractor management software is specifically designed for managing outsourced work. This type of software ensures that the processes linked to outsourced work run smoothly and clearly as all information comes together in a digital environment.

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The YIM environment has various add-ons to enhance your management system. Check which add-on can improve your experience.

YIM increases safety in the workplace and employee engagement. How? YIM offers the possibility to follow instructions, complete training, and take an exam(s) as part of the workflow online. A combination of online and on-site is also possible.


YIM allows visitors, contractors, and employees to follow training or instructions as part of the workflow. Taking exams can also be integrated into the workflow.

Through innovative learning methods and a realistic ‘Experience Center’, participants go through various components that are linked to a personal file.