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Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM)

PIAM software is used to manage access processes. This is to maintain oversight and security and to set up the process more efficiently.

What is PIAM?

PIAM is software used in all digital parts of the access process. This may involve the access of people to a main building but also to certain locations with restricted access. PIAM can integrate well with physical access systems that may already be in place.

Automating manual processes

The manual processes involved in granting access can be lengthy. For instance, due to checking documents, training or confirming accreditation. While these actions have to be performed manually, they result in a loss of efficiency. PIAM software can speed up this process.


With PIAM software, security personnel have full control over visitors, employees, (sub)contractors and their accreditation and access rights. This can be at the attribute, role or policy level. Different access requirements are set by different departments within the organisation.

Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) benefits:

  • Digital support for physical access safeguards
    (such as gates, a card or reader system)
  • Improvement of on-site security
  • An additional layer of security/control
  • Efficiency through automation of manual processes
  • Complete overview

YIM’s PIAM system

YIM stands for ‘your identity management’. YIM is more than a PIAM software system. It completely unburdens the organisation with its access processes. In addition, the system is multifunctional and thus integrates flawlessly with current security and access systems.

The YIM system is a tailor-made solution. To this end, YIM has various add-ons and, for example, modules specifically aimed at employees, (sub)contractors and visitors. These modules offer unique components that help the processes for these groups become more efficient.

The platform provides add-ons for e-learning and a personalised dashboard. YIM offers the possibility of following instructions, training and taking an exam online as part of the workflow. A combination of online and on-site support is also possible. Depending on the role of the administrator, the YIM dashboard is easily configurable and therefore can be tailored exactly to the needs of the organisation.

YIM - Your Identity Management

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