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Offshore access and contractor management

The world of offshore is a unique industry with very specific challenges. Offshore oil, gas, and wind energy extraction require work that can only be done with the highest degree of safety, both for employees, contractors, and the continuity of the operation. Therefore, access control to locations must be 100% regulated and compliant with legal frameworks and safety requirements, such as Labor Law or compliance with the ISPS standards. What does this mean for security policies in hybrid locations that are still developing? We asked Cedric van Riemsdijk, Lead: IT Business Development at Nsecure.


Access control in accordance with legal frameworks

Offshore assets are vulnerable due to their hybrid nature. They must address the security challenges of both ship and shore facilities. Offshore locations are often far from the mainland. So, in the event of an incident, it takes a long time for people to reach the site. This makes the prevention aspect crucial. Cedric van Riemsdijk said, “The offshore market is unique in that you are very vulnerable; you are at sea or in a fixed location. You have to deal with extensive laws and regulations regarding the deployment of personnel and third parties and the safe provision of access to these hybrid locations. It is an extremely complex interplay in which you must organize a lot from a safety perspective while balancing the legal and regulatory perspectives.”


For all large companies, especially those working with hazardous substances or sensitive information, it is challenging to regulate safety and access properly. According to Van Riemsdijk, this is even more true for the offshore industry. “In offshore operations, it is easier to keep unauthorized persons out than to remove them once they are on board. Therefore, a high level of security awareness and effective first-access procedures are necessary. The use of integrated digital security solutions is essential in achieving this goal. As is, a proactive access policy that complies with all labor laws or ISPS regulations. To prevent unnecessary delays and ensure continuity, employees and contractors must have quick, safe, and easy access to the location.”


Access management at Allseas

Companies operating in the offshore industry are responsible for who boards their vessels, including ensuring that no unauthorized personnel is on board. This is one of the reasons why Allseas, an international player in large, technically complex, and technological offshore projects, has chosen Nsecure solutions for their access management and contractor management. Allseas required a flexible, uniform, and future-proof solution for their access management. Nsecure implemented the access control solution ‘AEOS’ and the workflow and identity service ‘YIM’ (Your Identity Management), focusing on contractors’ and visitors’ registration and accreditation process. This solution meets all requirements, including integration with Allseas’ ERP system for time registration. The chosen solution has proven its added value and has been rolled out across all locations. Registrations, authorizations, and accreditations now proceed faster, safer, and in compliance with laws and regulations.


Identity management for high safety areas

Companies such as Allseas prioritize safety as their top priority and strive for zero incidents, which means they require a high level of safety compliance from all employees and visitors. A contractor management solution, such as YIM, can help achieve this, says Van Riemsdijk. “The access process must quickly provide answers based on several security considerations. You must be certain of who you grant access to, who the person really is, and whether they have the necessary rights. By storing certificates and documents in a personal digital file, visitors receive faster green (or red) light to enter the location or not. This saves a lot of time in the access process and prevents high fines for non-compliance with laws and regulations.”


Efficient turn-around

In addition to their daily operations, large offshore companies occasionally have a turn-around, a maintenance period where a location is completely shut down for maintenance, repair, or inspection work. “During this period, many different contractors come on-site, and the access process needs to be fast. Automating access management in such situations is important, saving time without compromising safety, security, and compliance. In the past, there were significant queues to enter the platform in a controlled manner. Did everyone have the necessary certifications and documents to perform their work? Now, this whole process is digitized. All these people are checked and registered beforehand via the YIM access management platform, and access can be granted quickly. All necessary documentation is stored and checked for expiry dates in a personal digital file. Visitors and contractors can use the e-learning module to watch safety or instruction videos before their visit, saving time and increasing awareness.”


The art of control

Every organization is unique. That’s why Nsecure sees access control and security as a masterpiece where every brush stroke is important. Achieving the right balance between optimal security and hospitality requires customization. The result: improved quality, cost control, continuous improvement, and sustainability.


We are happy to assist you with integrated security systems that fit the unique character of the offshore industry and meet all legal and safety requirements. It’s not for nothing that we see the entire process of access control and security as the Art of Control. Want to know more? Please don’t hesitate to contact us; we would love to tell you more.