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YIM Employee Management

Quickly and clearly define your employees’ roles, requirements, and access rights.

Employee management

With YIM employees, you have a complete overview of the workplace. Employees receive access rights based on function, department and location. These rights can be easily requested and adjusted in the YIM portal. Requests to use rooms or obtain access are collected centrally, after which an accreditor can grant authorisation via the YIM dashboard.


Authorisation management

With YIM Employees, access rights to specific buildings or areas can be requested – and approved by designated persons – by employees themselves. After approval or expiry, this is automatically processed in the linked access control system.


Smart Card management

YIM transmits authorisation data to the access system and simplifies requesting, producing, personalising, sending and activating access passes.


Demonstrable in control

Information on access rights and their approval is managed and stored centrally, for greater control of access policy and complete overview in case of audits.

Incident-free environment with controlled access

“YIM makes a significant contribution when it comes to ‘Goal Zero’: an incident-free environment where controlled access based on proper qualification is an essential factor.”

Workplace management

Workplace management is the organisation of work, facilities and activities to meet the needs of employees. The aim is to create a safe, comfortable and efficient working environment. The consistency of the different features, links and add-ons of the YIM ID and platform make it deployable as a workplace management system.

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The YIM environment has various add-ons to enhance your management system. Check which add-on can improve your experience.

YIM increases safety in the workplace and employee engagement. How? YIM offers the possibility to follow instructions, complete training, and take an exam(s) as part of the workflow online. A combination of online and on-site is also possible.


YIM allows visitors, contractors, and employees to follow training or instructions as part of the workflow. Taking exams can also be integrated into the workflow.

Through innovative learning methods and a realistic ‘Experience Center’, participants go through various components that are linked to a personal file.