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YIM Visitors

Grant your visitors roles, requirements, and access rights – and create an optimal experience from invitation to departure.

Visitors via YIM

An internal employee can easily invite a visitor through the central YIM platform. In doing so, the visitor gets assigned to the pre-created visitor template. After providing the required data, the visitor automatically receives an invitation with the relevant information and a possible QR code for access.


Should e-learning be required, the visitor will receive the necessary guidance before their visit. Visitor registration can be done for one person or several individuals in bulk. The visit details are then conveniently displayed in the YIM dashboard, which ensures that the right member of staff is in place to welcome the visitor.




Visitor registration

Register visitors in advance. Visitors will receive an invitation and possibly an admission ticket so that manual registration on site is no longer necessary.


Hospitality & information

Visitors automatically receive any (safety) instructions and relevant information such as directions, parking or public transport information.


Up-to-date overview

YIM provides a complete overview of which visitors are expected each day. So you remain fully in control and every visitor is welcomed hospitably and safely

Fast and efficient visitor flows

“YIM’s solution has proven its services and, due to its flexibility, helps regulate visitor flows quickly and efficiently.”

Visitor management software


Visitor management software is used to register visitors and organise information regarding them. The software streamlines the reception and registration process.

Read more about visitor management software


The YIM environment has various add-ons to enhance your management system. Check which add-on can improve your experience.

YIM increases safety in the workplace and employee engagement. How? YIM offers the possibility to follow instructions, complete training, and take an exam(s) as part of the workflow online. A combination of online and on-site is also possible.


YIM allows visitors, contractors, and employees to follow training or instructions as part of the workflow. Taking exams can also be integrated into the workflow.

Through innovative learning methods and a realistic ‘Experience Center’, participants go through various components that are linked to a personal file.